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Our exclusive trademark “I’m All Natural” tells the story of King Frosch Wines.

King Frosch Wines brings the best “all natural” wine marvels directly to you. If you’ve ever traveled to Europe and have fond memories of the delectable, drinkable wines you enjoyed in lovely outdoor “Weingartens” or quaint wine cellars and bistros, now you can relive those moments at home with King Frosch Wines.

In 2004, German wine expert and King Frosch Wines founder, Klaus Bellinghausen, decided to bring his understanding of the European wine culture to the U.S. He opened King Frosch Wines as a branch of his international trade organization, Bellinghausen Business Group, LTD, and made it his mission to bring “All Natural Wines” to America. Today King Frosch’s success is proven with several thousand customers, and a portfolio of German and other European wines that is unmatched.
But not every wine meets our strict King Frosch Standards—here’s why:


“As someone who spends a lot of time in California, I began to miss the crisp, refreshing tastes of my favorite wines from Germany. I was tired of over-oaked Chardonnays and big reds with high levels of alcohol and heavy tannins. I also learned that many of the mass-produced wines people share at parties or drink on a daily basis have a tendency to give me “wine headaches.” When I realized that I never had these symptoms when drinking wines in Germany, I decided to import my favorites and share the beauty of “All Natural Wines.”

Not All Wines Taste Good Naturally

My research and analysis of hundreds of wines revealed that some producers use chemicals to create artificial tastes, flavors and colors. I was shocked to learn how many wine manufacturers with advanced cellar technology use artificial ingredients to save money and cut corners. They basically copy a high end wine’s taste, flavor and color and sell for less.

Why Do They Do This?

As one of my customers, who worked for a renowned wine education school, puts it: “So many of today’s wine makers are chemists and they do a lot of monkey business to make wines that taste like best-sellers.”

You Won’t Find It On the Label

The problem is, wine makers are not required to disclose the artificial ingredients they add to wines. You won’t find a wine label anywhere that discloses how the wine was made or what was added to the wine to give it that “chocolate” undertone.

Why We Say “I’m All Natural.”

At King Frosch, we believe foremost that artificial colors, flavor and taste enhancers should not be used in wines.

We believe that wine should have the right balance of acidity and fruit.

We believe that wine should be drinkable, with a clean finish at the end.

We believe that good wines start with the right grapes, grown in the right soil.

Healthy Soils are Paramount to King Frosch Wines

2000 years ago, the conquering Romans found the mineral rich banks of the Rhine, Mosel and Nahe rivers to be perfect for growing grapes. The oxygen rich soils are well aerated for root and microbe respiration, which in turn allows nitrogen-fixed bacteria to exist. When combined with carbon dioxide, this creates a healthy environment for below ground plant functions.

Although rich top soil at vineyards where King Frosch Wines are born may be scarce, this forces the vines’ root systems to seek deep down to the nutrients in the soil. This is where they draw from rich mineral reserves, which have been waiting for millions of years to be brought to the surface. Many of these minerals have healthful benefits, which naturally become a part of King Frosch Wines.

This is in stark contrast to wines made from grapes grown in shallow fields, that have been over-irrigated, fertilized with synthetic chemicals and waterlogged. So many mass-produced wines have absolutely no terroir.

Grapes used to craft King Frosch Wines come from historically significant terroir and all natural fertilizers.

Crafted Wines vs. Manufactured Wines:

Manufactured wines and mass produced wines are easily identifiable. Regardless of vintage, they taste the same and have the same color year after year. These wines are the result of extensive focus groups research. The focus group results are the basis for the manufacturing process, to make sure that what ends up on the supermarket shelves is what the customer wants.

You won’t find identical tastes and colors year after year with King Frosch Wines. Why? Because King Frosch Wines are NOT manufactured.

King Frosch Wines are crafted according to old world traditions, laws and standards. It is illegal to add artificial colors, taste or flavor enhancers to King Frosch Wines.

King Frosch Standards Guarantee Your Wines Can Proudly Say:
“I’m All Natural”

  • King Frosch Wines prohibit the addition of artificial colors, flavor and taste enhancers. They also contain the lowest levels of sulfites, allergens and histamines, which are also known to cause wine headaches.
  • King Frosch Wines are clean, pure and drinkable and leave an enjoyable after taste in your mouth–unlike ‘manufactured’ wines that can scratch your throat or upset your stomach.
  • King Frosch Wines offer over 50 “All Natural” selections, red and white varietals crafted to cater to every palate, whether you enjoy dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet or noble sweet wines. This includes delicious sparkling wines and and our rare, “frozen on the vine” on the vine ice wines, T.B.A.’s and Ausleses.
  • King Frosch Wines are Estate “bottled and grown” Wines with very few exceptions (like our Gluehwine).
  • King Frosch Wines are crafted using an all-natural approach using grapes that come from the mineral rich wine regions with healthy soils.

I was born and raised in the city of Koblenz, in a house overlooking the romantic Rhine. The city itself is located at a point where the Rhine and Mosel rivers flow together and was called Confluentia (confluence) by the ancient Romans—who also introduced grapes to the sunny, slate-rich banks along the rivers. Growing up near Germany’s most famous wine-growing regions has instilled in me a particular interest for wines from these areas.
I have a degree in Law and Economics from the Johannes Guttenberg University in Mainz, Germany. In 1989, Karin and I were married in the Liebfrauenkirche in Koblenz and had the reception at the Marksburg, a medieval castle on the Rhine. Together we have four children.
— Klaus Bellinghausen

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