Sample Packs/ Gifts

Sample packs allow you to discover new wines and create your own wine in-home wine tasting to determine your favorites.

• Gifts: It’s possible to ship the gift of King Frosch Wines to your loved ones, friends, business colleagues or anyone you choose! If you don’t know what they prefer, we recommend a six-pack, 12-bottle mixed case or one of our sample packs.
• Create Your Own Wine Party: Sample packs allow you to put together a variety of different wines. Choose sweet wines only or mix and match with a dry and sweet red/white sample pack.

Sample Packs Contain 6 Bottles

If you are planning to serve a crowd larger than 10 people, (figure 1 bottle for every 10 people to enjoy a 2 ounce pour), you will need to double your order.
#001 Sample Pack DRY ($119) approx. $ 55 savings
#6 Dry Riesling Classic: A dry white wine, hints of green apple with perfect acidity and minerality
#10-S Dry White Kerner:
A dry balanced white, light acidity with nice grapefruit hints and clean finish
#610 Dry Gewürztraminer: Herby, complex, very similar to Chardonnay but crafted in stainless steel, no oak. Spicy.
#130 Dry Red Dornfelder: Balanced smooth, silky red wine, with a very clean finish
#2 Dry Red Dornfelder: Earthy, clean, a true medium-bodied dry red with a clean finish
#510 Dry Red Merlot RESERVE 2007: One of the best big reds we carry. Let it breath for 30 to 40 minutes and you will receive different layers of a high end Merlot Reserve.

#002 Sample pack SWEET: ($129) approx. $ 70 savings

#7 Semi-Dry/Sweet Riesling: Coming from the best Riesling region in the Rheingau, perfect red/black slate close to the Rhine River. Perfect acidity, well balanced semi-sweetness.
#12 Semi-Sweet Chardonnay: Not your typical Chardonnay, un-oaked and semi-sweet, a true mouth pleasure, with hints of lychee, crisp acidity and just mouth-watering.
#612 Sweet Gewürztraminer: The best vintage we’ve had for a long time. Full mouth, so herby, so perfect with your Thanksgiving dinner or any special meal!
#8 Riesling Auslese (Select Harvest): This noble sweet Riesling is a wine for royalty; sweet and sophisticated enough to serve as a dessert wine for dry white wine lovers, but the sweet wine lover will close their eyes and seize the moment!
#1 Semi-Sweet Red Dornfelder: Our top best seller in semi-sweet reds, enjoy chilled and you’ll understand why it’s the best.
#105 Off Dry Red Dornfelder: A red Dornfelder with some residual sweetness, but mainly dry, peppery and great with any teriyaki chicken or steak.

#003 Sample pack DESSERT WINES: ($189) approx. $40 savings

#181 Riesling Ice-Wine: High acidity, perfect balance, lychee, pear, slight hint of an almond, one of our bestselling ice Wines. High end desert wine, enjoyed in small 1 oz servings, represents the traditional perfection ice-wines should deliver.
• #191 Siegerrebe TBA or Trockenbeeren Auslese: TBA stands for dry berry late harvest, which means it is crafted from late select harvest grapes which are almost dried on the vine, intended to be ice wine but no frost occurred before the grapes rotted. This Siegerrebe TBA is well balanced and similar to an ice wine has the perfect acidity and sweetness. It is a hybrid of an Gewürztraminer and shares the fruit forward tastes.
#193 BeerenAuslese: This select berry harvest is made from grapes that weren’t on the vine as long as a TBA but is still makes the perfect dessert wine with its natural sweetness that is “nectar for the Gods.”

#003BIG Big Collectors Specialty Wine Pack: ($390) approx. $100 savings

This collection contains Beerenausleses (BA), Trockenbeeren Ausleses (TBA) and Ice Wines. They are all extremely rare and usually not found outside of Germany. Due to early rains for the past several years in Germany, these specialty wines have been hard to obtain. There are no ice-wines expected to be harvested this year either—this can only happen when the grapes remain on the vine until the first frost. But they have to be picked before they rot, so it is a very fine line. All the grapes for these wines are hand-picked. The almost dehydrated grapes also produce very little juice, which is why they are so expensive to craft. Due to supply and demand, wholesale prices are sky rocking, but the taste is out of this world and worth every penny. On the up side, you can store these wines for up to 40 years, making them perfect for anniversaries, birth years or any special occasion.
#193 BeerenAuslese: this berry select harvest is complementing our dessert and specialty wine selection and easily won many admirers, calling it one of the nectars of the goddesses.
#181 Riesling Ice-Wine: High acidity, perfect balance, lychee, pear, slight hint of an almond, as traditional and extra ordinaries as it is, one of our bestselling ice Wines. This Ice Wine like the others is a high end desert wine, enjoyed in small 1 oz servings, represents the traditional perfection what ice-wines should deliver.
#194 Chardonnay ice-Wine: Extremely rare, this hand-crafted ice wine is pressed from Chardonnay grapes picked after the first frost. Exquisite flavor. Chardonnay Ice Wine
#182 Riesling Icewine: This rare Riesling ice wine is a treasure. The perfect dessert or aperitif wine with luscious peach and honey tones. Perfectly elegant, it is a true rarity from the year 2013 when we had very early rain and very few ice wines were made. This one is ordered by Hera, to be enjoyed when Zeus is gone.
#17-D Silvaner Icewine: Yummy tropical notes and long holding. Ideal with your favorite dessert or all alone. For an unusual, unforgettable treat, pour it over chocolate mousse, ice cream or triple chocolate cake. Nice acidity and perfectly sweet.
#19 Ortega T.B.A. “Trockenbeeren Auslese” 2005: Crafted from late select harvest grapes. The “dry berry” grapes are similar to those used for ice wines, but they are hand-picked before the frost. The resulting wine is very fruity and highly complex. It is lively on the palate with persistent flavors of peach, vanilla, and honey. This TBA could be considered syrupy and absolutely to be enjoyed over ice cream, pour 2 oz over your favorite ice cream and you have your guests come back for more!
*Wine Storage Tips: Always lay wines flat or in horizontal position, so that the cork stays moist. Keep out of direct and indirect sunlight. Dark and cool temperatures are best for longest storage.

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