We received this email after this customer received his second King Frosch shipment:
My name is Russell B. and I hadn’t had a glass of wine in over 14 years due to the migraines that followed even a couple of sips. When I would go to a friends for dinner and they had wine , I drank a soda. If I was making a spaghetti dinner for a lady I was dating, I could not have any wine, though I always bought some for them.
This all changed recently when my girlfriend and I went to a trade show in Phoenix. As we were walking through the show I saw a sign that said “No Headache” at a booth featuring your King Frosch wines. As I listened to the gentleman speak a few other people stopped and we all got in a conversation about wines and migraines. Each of us agreed to have a small tasting class of wine and to return in about a half hour. Amazingly enough, we all returned and were surprised that none of us had a headache; no aura, no flashes, nothing bad. My girlfriend, Carol, was so happy that I could have a glass of wine with her that she purchased 12 bottles of assorted types. I have tried each and have had no headaches at all.
Recently, we went to another trade show and ran into the same Gent at the booth there. We bought another 12 bottles of King Frosch wines, three each of our favorite four wines. That’s right, I now drink a glass of wine when I want to. And my doctor says that wine is actually good for you as long as you don’t over indulge. I not only told him about it , but have turned friends onto your web site. Feel free to use this letter to encourage others with migraines to give your wines a chance. Thank you for giving me a chance to once again enjoy a good glass of wine…and your wines are truly tasty.


We received this email after two of our team members individually answered this customer:
You two are too funny! Separate emails - same answer! I got the best possible advice and you both gave the same answer! This makes me feel even better about the "silly" question I asked & my first order of your beautiful wines!
I want to thank you both so much for the time and dedication to your brand. I cannot wait to re-order when this supply gets low. You are all amazing and I appreciate the great customer service.
Thanks again,


Thanks for the great service!


Tuesday next week marks two years since my mom's death and we have a special family get together planned and having my favorite frog wines there will make it perfect!
Thank you, be well and safe travels!


Thank you so much for sending us a bottle of Gewurztraminer with our last order – We can’t wait to try it! You all are so very thoughtful and appreciated.
Best Regards,


Hello and thank you for your prompt response. I still have a couple of Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon, but I was out of Riesling, so I decided to look for you on the Internet. I first tried your wine and purchased six bottles at a wine tasting last November. Being from Switzerland (Ticino), I am familiar with good German wines and I did find yours excellent. I am looking forward to your wines! You have my permission to use my statement as testimonial.
Salute! (Prost)


Hello Klaus and staff,
We received our first order from you! We are so happy with our purchase and the fact that you have Glühwein (a holiday favorite) makes me thrilled. Customers for life,


The wine has arrived and I look forward to tasting it again. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the delivery service you used was particularly helpful, and cheerful.
Thank you,


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