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How can we reach you by phone? Who is BBG LTD?

BBG LTD is the parent corporation and the Home of King Frosch Wines. The best way to reach us is:


Why can’t I order online?

We are always working hard to make online ordering easier. If you have a problem using our online system, please send us an email at

How can I get the same discount I got last time?

Wine prices may differ for different vintages and sometimes our prices go up or down depending on supply and demand. To always get the best pricing possible, here are some options:Join one of our wine clubs:

King & Queen Members always get 20% off online-pricing and pay a reduced shipping rate. Plus you receive a free bottle of specialty wine per year. Click here to become a King@Queen WineClub Member.

Go to and click on Log in enter your email account and if you forgot your password, request a new one, call us/ email us (949-363-9393/ We love to help!

Ask us about “Permanent Pricing.” In most cases we are able to honor the pricing offered on your last order, but you need to call us/ email us (949-363-9393/ Once you are set up on “Permanent Pricing” your discounts will appear every time you log in and reorder.

How I track my order?

To track your order, go to and click on LOG IN and enter your email address. If you forgot your password or need to request a new one, email us We love to help!

Once you are logged in, click on your last order and on the footer you will find the TRACKING button to click.

What if no one is home to sign for the wine?

As you know, all wine shipments are required by law to receive an adult (21 or older) signature before deliveries can be released. If there is no one home during the day, you might want to consider shipping to a work address or to a location where someone is available to sign for you.

If you do not have an office (business) address, the shipping company might not reach you during the times you are at home—someone over 21 must be available to sign for the wine. The shipping company will not leave it at your door! The best ship-to is a business address!

• (We have no jurisdiction over FedEx, UPS or GSO, as soon as they pick up it is out of our control. The best is that you communicate directly with them, since you know when and where you can be reached, but we are here to help. Thank you for your understanding)

• FedEx 1-800-Go-Fedex (800-463-3339) Have your tracking number ready

• GSO- 1-800-332-5555 Have your tracking number ready

• (Please report any unpleasant experience with any shipper to us, so we can change the shipper for the next time)

Another option is shipping to a FedEx store near you. FedEx has over 2000 Kinkos and/or FedEX stores where we can ship your order. They usually will store it for few days and you can pick it up during their normal office hours. Some are open 24 hours.

If you do not have a FedEx store close by, UPS stores also provide the same service but for a fee. Most UPS stores charge $5 or $10/box at pick up.

Your business address is a great ship-to address as well, or your next door neighbor who is at home most of the time, family or close by friends is another great choice.

Most importantly, let us know before the package leaves the fulfillment center, any change after the shipment leaves will trigger a re-routing fee from the carrier (FedeEX, GSO, etc.)

Saturday Delivery Option: The last alternative is a Saturday delivery. The shipping company will re-deliver then. (FedEx does) However if we shipped with GSO and you live not in a metropolitan area or rural area, the shipping company may not deliver on Saturday or for a hefty fee. If your wine consultant told you that Saturday delivery was possible, that might not be the case, since the she/he does not know every zip code by heart. If Saturday delivery is not possible/ too costly, the best solution is to re-route your order to the closest UPS store (additional fee) or arrange pick up at the carriers hub (office).

As always, we are more than happy to help you find a solution to your shipping issue.

Call us at 949-363-9393 or email:

When will I receive my order?

Online-orders: If you placed your order online, we generally ship out the next possible business day (if we received the order before noon). If you ordered on a Thursday and your wine is going to a cold or hot weather region, we may choose to delay shipment until Monday. In any event, plan 1-3 shipping days, depending on the shipper. Sometimes shipping issues arise that are beyond our control. If you need a rush order either request a faster delivery service (Next day air or 2nd day air, etc.) or call us/email us (949-363-9393/ and we can check what the best and most economical way exists to get it to you in no time. We love to help!

Show/Wine Festival-orders: Generally we say that we ship 1-2 weeks after your order is placed, but in most cases it will go out much faster. Go to and click on Log in enter your email account and if you forgot your password, request a new one or call us/ email us (949-363-9393/ We love to help!

If your shipment was shipped via FedEx Delivery (Other States than CA, NV and AZ, but mostly rural areas in Arizona)
As soon as you get your FedEx email, you can check on line with the tracking number provided what the status is and you can call for more detailed ETA by calling 1-800-Go-FEDEX (463.339)

If your shipment was shipped via GSO (Golden State overnight) Delivery (CA, NV, New Mexico and AZ, but no rural areas in New Mexico and Arizona)

• If your order was shipped with GSO (Golden State Overnight) you will get an email informing of your tracking number. Please disregard the estimated time of delivery you receive with the first GSO email! GSO’s system automatically sends this out, but it doesn’t mean the order is on the way yet. It only means that we generated the shipping label.
• You need to go to to track your package or call GSO 800-322-5555 Ext 2 and get a real ETA* (*Expected Time of Delivery) to be informed when the shipment arrives:
o Go to and enter the tracking number

o If it does not say ‘In Transit’ it’s not in the GSO system yet. After midnight GSO updated their system and shows the exact status for that new day. If it then says ‘In Transit’ it is on the way.

o Call 800-322-5555 Ext 2 and ask the dispatch to inform you when the ETA* might be. GSO customer service will call you back usually within the hour and let you know a delivery time window of 3-4 hours or less.

o GSO has either AM or PM delivery in your area.

o TIP: Leave a note! Delivery drivers work quickly. If you are home but can’t get to the door quickly, make sure you leave a note informing the delivery driver that you are at home but might need a few extra minutes getting to the door.

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