No Headache Wine

Our customers call us the “The No-Headache Wines”

King Frosch wines do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or taste enhancers and are crafted according to strict King Frosch wine-making standards. This allows for the perfect balance between residual sugar and acidity and results in wines that are clean, pure and drinkable.

Thanks to King Frosch, you have an alternative to wines that give you headaches, cause unwanted biological side effects or contain additives that you shouldn’t be drinking!

What Causes Adverse Reactions to Wine?

Of course that depends a lot on the individual. Just like snowflakes, every individual is unique, and the way we all experience taste is subjective. But that being said, wine tastes can be deceiving, because thanks to chemicals, it is possible to make a $2 bottle of wine taste like a $200 bottle.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Before we go into detail about why some wines cause headaches and others don’t, let’s be clear that there are at least two types of wine-related headache; the dehydration headache and the wine-additive headache. With the dehydration headache you were probably not drinking enough water along with your wine. Regardless of quality, wine has alcohol in it and it will dehydrate you. To prevent this type of wine headache, drink a sufficient amount of water, preferably the same number of glasses as the wine, and you will find your balance.

Don’t Be Quick to Blame Sulfites

So, what causes the wine-additives headaches? Many believe that sulfites are to blame.

However, according to a Wall Street Journal article, it is reported that less than 1% of the US population is actually sensitive to sulfites (according to David Lang, M.D. Chairman of the Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Cleveland Clinic , Ohio). Lang says headaches are usually not a reaction of sulfites sensitivity and points out that other ingredients, such as proteins or histamines, are more likely to be the cause

What Wine Labels Don’t Reveal

Most of us want to know what we are eating and drinking, and that is why the FDA regulates food products and demands that labels reveal ingredients and whether foods contain Genetically Modified Additives, Artificial Colors or Sweeteners. But when it comes to wines,

despite the fact that wine is a food product, the industry has been able to avoid informing consumers about what they are really putting in their “grape juice.” The wine industry is allowed to get away with the simple statement “Contains Sulfites” and that is only for wines which have 10 PPM (parts per million) and more sulfites.

They Put That In My Wine????

You might want to do your own research. Pick up a wine industry trade magazine and you will find that wine makers can purchase new wood fermentation barrels that have been imbedded with artificial chocolate, cherry or other tastes. You will see that you can purchase flavored wood chips that can be added to fermenting wine to flavor it in less than three weeks vs. having wine age naturally in an oak barrel for three months or longer. (Proper fermentation takes time!) You will see that winemakers can purchase flavored powders– some use oak-flavored powders, others Chardonnay-flavored powders, that let any wine makers, mostly mass-producers of wine create just about any taste that is in demand by consumers. It is shocking but true. And (right now) it is not required by U.S. law that wine manufacturers list the powders or other artificial taste, flavor or color additives on the label!

Time Is Money

The question is, why do wine makers do this? Of course the answer is usually money-driven. Replacing a three or more month fermentation process in an (expensive) oak barrel with a less than three week fermentation process means that the wine can be brought faster to market.

The King Frosch Difference

At King Frosch, we don’t believe in cutting corners to create the perfect wine taste. Haven’t you ever wondered why your favorite supermarket wine always tastes the same, no matter what the vintage?  Today’s wine making laboratories are so advanced they can match any color and flavor, like going to your local hardware store and getting paint color matched! By using artificial colors, flavor and taste enhancers, you can create any wine taste desired.

In my experience and opinion, these unnatural ingredients are the true culprit in causing the unwanted wine headaches and other unpleasant reactions to wine.

Here is the King Frosch difference:

The question is, why do wine makers do this? Of course the answer is usually money-driven. Replacing a three or more month fermentation process in an (expensive) oak barrel with a less than three week fermentation process means that the wine can be brought faster to market.

What else makes King Frosch wines so special?

Wines crafted according to King Frosch standards means they have the perfect balance between residual sugar and acidity. All King Frosch wines are clean, pure and balanced.

The Label Won’t Tell You

Remember: U.S. wine label law does not tell you what is in the bottle. The manufactures will not disclose it and the industry does not support disclosure! Everyone blames the sulfites, but unless you have a true allergy to sulfites, the amounts used in wines will usually NOT give you a headache. Sulfites are found in so many foods and many are naturally occurring.

Read OUR STORY to hear Klaus’ Story, why he founded the All-Natural-Standard for the wine industry, a true visionary and innovator.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to King Frosch customers who used to get wine headaches but can now enjoy King Frosch Wines:

My name is Russell B. and I hadn’t had a glass of wine in over 14 years due to the migraines that followed even a couple of sips. When I would go to a friends for dinner and they had wine , I drank a soda. If I was making a spaghetti dinner for a lady I was dating, I could not have any wine, though I always bought some for them.
This all changed recently when my girlfriend and I went to a trade show in Phoenix. As we were walking through the show I saw a sign that said “No Headache” at a booth featuring your King Frosch wines. As I listened to the gentleman speak a few other people stopped and we all got in a conversation about wines and migraines. Each of us agreed to have a small tasting class of wine and to return in about a half hour. Amazingly enough, we all returned and were surprised that none of us had a headache; no aura, no flashes, nothing bad. My girlfriend, Carol, was so happy that I could have a glass of wine with her that she purchased 12 bottles of assorted types. I have tried each and have had no headaches at all.

Recently, we went to another trade show and ran into the same Gent at the booth there. We bought another 12 bottles of King Frosch wines, three each of our favorite four wines. That’s right, I now drink a glass of wine when I want to. And my doctor says that wine is actually good for you as long as you don’t over indulge. I not only told him about it , but have turned friends onto your web site. Feel free to use this letter to encourage others with migraines to give your wines a chance. Thank you for giving me a chance to once again enjoy a good glass of wine…and your wines are truly tasty.

Russell B.

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