I’m All Natural

The Story Behind “I’m All Natural”

If you’re wondering why King Frosch Wines use the tagline, “I’m All Natural,” it helps to know the company’s background and understand the importance of choosing all natural wines.

Where We Started

It all started back in 2004 when German wine expert and King Frosch Wines founder, Klaus Bellinghausen, brought his understanding of the European wine culture to the U.S. Today King Frosch’s success is proven with thousands of satisfied customers across the U.S., and an unmatched portfolio of all natural German and other European wines. He also trademarked the phrase, “I’m All Natural,” which you’ll find on every King Frosch label.

All Natural Means No Artificial Additives

You may be wondering, aren’t all wines “all natural?” Not really. This became apparent to Klaus after moving from Germany to California. “Living in California, I missed the crisp, all natural refreshing tastes of my favorite Rieslings and other varietals from Germany. I grew tired of over-oaked Chardonnays and big reds with high levels of alcohol and heavy tannins.”

Wine Headaches from Mass Produced Wines

In addition to missing the tastes and quality of the wines he loved in Germany, Klaus discovered he often suffered from wine headaches, heat rashes and wine hangovers when drinking mass-produced wines in the U.S. “I realized it wasn’t the quantity of wine I was drinking which was different, it was the quality. The wines people buy at the grocery store and share at parties are usually mass-produced.” Since it was difficult to find the quality he wanted in an everyday wine, Klaus decided to import his European favorites and share the beauty of All Natural Wines.

Not All Wines Taste Good Naturally

Before getting started, Klaus did his research. “First of all, my research and analysis of hundreds of wines reveals that some U.S. wine producers use chemicals to create artificial tastes, flavors and colors. Secondly, I was shocked to learn how many wine manufacturers use artificial ingredients to save money and cut corners. They basically do anything they can to replicate the taste, flavor and color of a top-selling wine. This is not natural.

“Naturally produced wines taste different every year, every harvest. You can’t control the amount of sun a grape receives in a single year, you can’t control the weather, or the rain.”

Beware of What You Drink

If you enjoy wine on a regular basis, you need to be aware of the wines you choose. There are different levels of quality when it comes to wines, and mass manufacturers have been known to create wines with specific trendy tastes. This usually means adding artificial ingredients. “As one of my customers who worked for a renowned wine education school puts it: ‘So many of today’s mass wine manufacturers are chemists. They do a lot of monkey business to make wines that taste like best-sellers.’ Some mass wine manufacturers rely solely on the opinions of focus groups and manufacture wines with the “deep color” or “oaked flavor” identified by consumers. Deep color and oak nuances in wine are great but not if they have been created by adding artificial colors or taste enhancers.

You Won’t Find It On the Label

Another problem is, wine makers are currently not required to disclose the artificial ingredients they add to wines. You won’t find a wine label anywhere that discloses how the wine was made or what was added to the wine to give it that “chocolate” undertone or “oaky” flavor. Some mass produced wines will actually add oak chips into the fermenting wine instead of naturally fermenting it in real oak barrels. Why? Because it’s faster and less expensive and gives them the oaky flavor customers sometimes crave.

Why We Say “I’m All Natural”

At King Frosch, we believe artificial colors, flavor and taste enhancers should not be used in wines. To earn the “I’m All Natural” label, we believe the following:

  1. Wine should have the right balance of acidity and fruit.
  2. Every wine should be drinkable, with a clean finish at the end.
  3. Great wines start with the right grapes, grown in the right soil.
  4. The wines should not have any artificial flavors, taste enhancers or color enhancers.
  5. Wines should have the lowest levels of sulfites, histamines or allergens in the world.

Healthy Soils are Key to King Frosch Wines

King Frosch All Natural Wines come from some of the same vineyard regions conquering Romans once planted over 2000 years ago. The Romans knew the mineral rich banks of the Rhine, Mosel and Nahe rivers were perfect for growing grapes. Over the years, the oxygen rich soils became aerated for root and microbe respiration, allowing nitrogen-fixed bacteria to exist. When combined with carbon dioxide, this creates a healthy environment for below-ground plant functions. This is a result of decades of dry farming wines. Dry farmed wines are made from grapes grown in vineyards that don’t irrigate. These vineyards rely strictly on the yearly rainfall. Dry farmed wines are not only more environmentally responsible, they also usually have more intense flavors.

Dry Farming and All Natural Farming Methods

You’re probably wondering where the grapes get the water they need. Because rich top soil is scarce at vineyards where King Frosch Wines are born, the vine root systems seek deep down to nutrients in the soil. King Frosch Wines draw from rich mineral reserves underneath the surface. Many of these minerals have flavor benefits, which naturally become a part of King Frosch Wines. Some say they also make the wines healthier.

This is in stark contrast to wines made from grapes grown in shallow fields, that have been over-irrigated, fertilized with synthetic chemicals and waterlogged. Many mass-produced wines have absolutely no terroir. Terroir is the characteristic tasted imparted to a wine based on where and how the grapes were grown. Mass produced wines are often made from grapes not even grown in the country or state where they are bottled.

Look For Appellation of Origin on Your Label

In addition to imparting flavor, grapes from a specific terroir give you more confidence in the all natural quality of your wine. Grapes used to craft King Frosch Wines usually come from historically significant terroir, all from one region. You can see this on each bottle, where it states, Appellation of Origin. Wines that don’t state the Appellation of Origin may contain grapes that are grown anywhere, sourced anywhere. Keep in mind that just because a bottle of wine is produced and bottled in Napa or Sonoma, the grapes could be grown anywhere in the world. However, if you see the words Appellation of Origin on your wine label, it means the grapes all come from one specified region.

Crafted Wines vs. Manufactured Wines:

Manufactured wines and mass produced wines are easily identifiable. Regardless of vintage, they taste the same and have the same color year after year. These wines are the result of extensive focus groups research. Unfortunately, random focus group results guide the manufacturing process. Mass wine producers want to stock supermarket shelves with wines that sell, year after year.

Of course this is not true for winemakers that craft wines the all natural way. You won’t find identical tastes and colors year after year with King Frosch Wines. Why? Because King Frosch Wines are NOT commercially manufactured or mass produced.

King Frosch Wines are crafted according to old world traditions, laws and standards. It is illegal to add artificial colors, taste or flavor enhancers to King Frosch Wines. They are crafted according to strict wine laws and King Frosch standards.

King Frosch Standards Guarantee Your Wines Can Proudly Say:“I’m All Natural”

  • I’m All Natural King Frosch Wines prohibit the addition of artificial colors, flavor and taste enhancers. They also contain the lowest levels of sulfites, allergens and histamines, known to cause wine headaches.
  • All King Frosch Wines are clean, pure and drinkable and leave an enjoyable aftertaste in your mouth.
  • Now King Frosch Wines offers over 50 “All Natural” selections, red and white varietals crafted to cater to every palate. Whether you enjoy dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet or noble sweet wines, there is a wine for you. This includes delicious sparkling wines and and our rare, “frozen on the vine” ice wines, T.B.A.’s and Ausleses.
  • Most King Frosch Wines are Estate “bottled and grown” in small, family owned vineyards by master wine makers.
  • All King Frosch Wines are crafted using grapes grown using an all-natural approach, including dry-farming methods. King Frosch grapes come from mineral rich wine regions with healthy soils.
  • King Frosch Wines are known by our customers as no-headache and no-hangover wines. Of course we don’t guarantee this or make any medical claims, but thanks to lower levels of alcohol and clean crafting, many of our customers swear they experience fewer hangovers and the elimination of wine headaches.

Are you ready to experience a delicious, all natural wine? King Frosch all natural wines await you here. Learn more about becoming a member of the King Frosch Wine Club . You can have King Frosch All Natural Wines delivered to your home or office.

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