Track an order

To get to your tracking info you may log in with your email address and enter your password.
1. Go to
2. Click on upper left corner SHOP NOW
3. Locate Upper small Grey Header Bar, find “Contact”, “Policies” LOG IN VIEW CART:
4. Click on LOG IN
5. Enter your E-Mail Address in the blank space appearing on the right side
6. Did you forget your password or if you don’t have one? Click on Click here right next to Did you forget your password?

7. If you get this message Unfortunately we do not have you on file as a customer. Call us at 949-363-9393 and we will reset your account or give you a new password.
8. If you get this message:

Password Reminder
Although we do have you on file as a customer in our store, your account does not have a password reminder. However, we can immediately generate a new password for you, and e-mail it to

Click Generate New Password and anew password will be emailed to you.
9. Use your email address and the new password to log in.
10. After you logged in you will se your contact information, order numbers, etc.
11. Click on the order number you want your tracking information from
12. Locate the PACKAGE TRACKING button in the lower right hand corner and click on it.
13. All tracking in of within 2 year time frame will be displayed.

If you need more detail or need to inform the shipping company that you are not home, or that your current order should be delivered to a neighbor or other info, please call the shipping company with your tracking number:
GSO: 800-322-5555 Ext 2
FedEx: 800-GO FEDEX (800-463-3339)
If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to email or call us at 949.363.9393.
We love to help!

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