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Call today 949-363-9393 to book your King Frosch In-Home Wine Tasting

Avoid the hit-and-miss in the store, invite the wine consultants to your home, taste the wines and place your orders for the wines you like for sure. We want you and your guests to have a great time at your King Frosch wine tasting. Here are a few tips to assure a great event:

Inviting Guests
• Invite your guests ideally 1 to 3 weeks prior to the tasting.
• One wine tasting sampler kit will serve up 12-14 guests
• Your wine consultant will compose the wine tasting sampler in accordance to your and your guests’ preferences.
• You will receive a flat discounted price of $299, – plus tax for In-Home-Wine-Tasting wines, which will be charged to your credit card. It includes the sampling wine, which will be shipped to you before the event. The complete package represents a value of $400 and more.
• Let guests know they will be attending a guided tasting by a King Frosch Wine Consultant. Ask them for their preference (do you like red or white, dry or semi-dry or more fruity).
• Don’t worry if you have fewer RSVP’s than anticipated. Your wine consultant can conduct tastings for an intimate group.
• If you need to reschedule your wine tasting for any reason, please contact your consultant before the wine tasting is billed and shipped for your tasting, approximately 4-7 days before your event.
• Some important points to watch out for:
o Please ask you guests not to wear any or heavy perfumes, they distract from the fine smell of wine.
o There should be a “no-smoking” rule enforced during the event, since this also distracts from the tasting experience.
o We also encourage a “no-phones” policy during the wine tasting experience. Be in the moment.
o There is no need to serve any food before or during the wine tasting (lightly salted crackers are the best to cleanse your palate). Please make sure your guests know that food will be served after the tasting is finished.
o During a wine-only-tasting, wine shines best by itself and changes drastically with food.

The Tasting Experience

King Frosch wines bring All Natural Wines right to your living room! Let your guests know to arrive on time so guests can taste the wines together (and the presentation does not have to be started again). Guests will even have the opportunity to place orders at a later time for convenient home delivery.

Foods to Serve
Keep your foods light and easy! Sometimes salty crackers (only) are the best. It’s simple and would represent a pure wine sampling. If you want to do more, please serve and instruct your guests to enjoy your appetizers AFTER the tasting. (Inform your guests that you do not serve food, just snacks and if so, some appetizers. This will allow them to have a bite to eat and they do not arrive starving):

Suggested Appetizers
Cheeses 3-4 varieties
Mild: Brie or Jack
Medium: Havarti, Gouda, Edam, Parmesan
Strong Blue: Gorgonzola or Stilton
Crackers and French Bread
Fresh Fruit: Grapes and Strawberries
Chocolate mousse or chocolate ice cream or dense chocolate cake to serve with the ice or red wine

(Reminder: Ask your guest to not arrive hungry, so they ‘survive’ the 60-90 minute presentation without a growling stomach)


You will need to provide containers with ice to chill the wine to temperature (A standard cooler on a chair with a nice cloth looks nice too), glasses, and any food or snacks you wish to serve, plus a container where your guests can poor their wine into if they do not want to finish or if it was not their preference.

KingFrosch Wine Tasting Sample Pack:

We ship the wines to you several days prior to the wine tasting or bring it chilled. After you receive it, please store your white and semi-sweet red wine right away in a refrigerator or cool it in a cooler with ice the night before. Dry red wines should not be cooled or chilled. Store it in a cool dark place (If cooling in a cooler with ice, we recommend placing the wines in a plastic garbage bag before putting them in the cooler to avoid contact with the icy water and to keep the labels looking nice). If you had enough space in your refrigerator or a spare refrigerator where you can cool the wine 24 hours before tasting, that’s the best. Open the red wines (oaked only) 30 minutes before the guests arrive.

Your In Home Wine Tasting Sampler holds up to 8 to 12 different wines from the King Frosch library of wines. Each bottle is good to provide samples for up to 10 to 14 guests. We recommend limiting the amount of guest to that number. The more guest, the less we can pour for one wine. If you want to invite a larger group between 15 and 24, we can make another wine tasting sample pack for a discounted price ($250,- including shipping) available to you. (Reminder: one bottle is good for approx 12-14 people to sample).

Who will benefit from our Try-It-Buy-It-Sales-Promotion?
• Everybody who needs to refill their wine shelf or cellar for their own enjoyment and/or need some wine for presents, for clients, or those special occasions to share with that someone special.
• Everybody who is in the market for healthy and clean tasting wines. Everybody who is tired of getting headaches, harsh tannins, stuffy noses, heat rashes and/or prefers a more organic lifestyle.
• Everybody believing that more of the positive (natural) and less of the negative (toxins, high level of sulfites, allergens, histamines, artificial ingredients, food coloring, etc.) will add value to a healthy lifestyle achieving better longevity.
• US wine law allows that wine to be sold in the US can have up to 160 toxins, 320 parts per million sulfites, artificial ingredients, food coloring, etc. and requires only “Contains Sulfites” on the label. Do you know what you put in your body?
• King Frosch’s stringent quality control allows a max of 20 parts per million of sulfites, no artificial ingredients, food coloring etc. We guarantee clean tasting, pure wines, which are healthier than others with artificial taste and color enhancers and other ‘monkey’ business.
• King Frosch wines represent the lowest sulfites, allergen, and histamine levels in the world. No artificial ingredients, no toxins, etc. are entered into the wine to rush to market. The natural fermentation process undergoing King Frosch wines represent the clean tasting and drinkables wines.

Host Rewards and how much does it cost?

* As a thank you for hosting a King Frosch wine tasting, you will receive a host present of our specialty wines from $ 69 up to $ 175 value.

You will receive wine for approx $400 value, incl. your host gift and pay only one low price (see pricing above). A King Frosch Wine Consultant will explain and present the King Frosch wines.

There are on-line coupons available which will be similar to the ones mentioned here:

• If six or more cases are ordered, a credit of $100 towards a King Frosch wine purchase is earned, not to be used towards shipping and handling charges.
• If 5 cases are ordered, a credit of $50 towards a King Frosch wine purchase is earned, not to be used towards shipping and handling charges.
• If 4 cases are ordered a credit of $25 towards a King Frosch wine purchase is earned, not to be used towards shipping and handling charges.

If 3 or less cases ore ordered, a shipping credit towards a King Frosch wine purchase is earned and a flat $ 20 per case shipping charge will apply to each case shipped.

(Shipping cost reduction: If single orders are less than one case [12 bottles] one-ship-to-address should be agreed on).

The ship to address should be in most cases a business address, unless there will be somebody at home during the day over the age of 21 to sign for the wine shipment.

If event will be canceled 7 days prior we will reimburse 50% of the amount charged, the 50% does not include the value of the wine which will be billed at standard rates if wine was already shipped. Thank you.

How does it work?

The wine consultant will arrive approx. 20 to 30 minutes before the agreed upon time for the tasting. Please have the wine ready and keep it cool. Dry red wine does not need to be chilled. (Additional ice would be good).

We come for ‘entertainment purposes*’ only and talk about the wine you pour. We will tell a story about each wine, starting with a Sparkling wine if this was a part of the sample packed shipped, and follow with introducing the wine flights or sequences according to your sampler pack.

We finish with ice wine. We always recommend chocolate mouse or chocolate ice cream to serve with it.

During the wine tastings we ask your guest and you to take notes which wines they like more or less. Please have paper and pencils available for your guests to take notes. (It is not easy to memorize the different wines; people forget and get confused which wine was poured first)

Wine Tasting Hosting Tips:
A King Frosch wine tasting is a great opportunity to learn more about wine flavors and how an individual’s palate reacts to different tastes. Please consider it as special and exclusive. Please inform your guests there are no obligations to purchase anything, but if they like something and if it is in their price range, we are available to take orders after the tasting presentation is finished.

The presentation and tasting will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes and it is best if you set aside a period of time at the event where all the guests can concentrate on the wine consultant and enjoy the presentation. It’s also great if guests can turn off their cell phones during the presentation!

Wine tasting can be fun, educational, and very rewarding. It’s about the experience and how you connect to each other. It’s a great way of bringing family and friends together, defines understanding and allows you to become more knowledgeable about wines; most importantly it creates great memories.

Call today 949-363-9393 to book your King Frosch In-Home Wine Tasting.

*Disclaimer: Our wine consultants are not licensed to act as bartenders or pour other drinks during your party. They come for the educational purposes only (to comply with the Alcohol Beverage Laws). Our events are meant not to be combined, i.e. other products sales (tuber ware) or with other functions, i.e. sports event or birthdays celebration. Our events are meant to be educational and exclusive.

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