Gewürztraminer Ice wine 171

#171 Gewürztraminer Ice Wine


Rare Gewürztraminer Ice wine 171 has perfect acidity and is very sophisticated and elegant, not overly sweet.  This high end dessert wine is perfect for the white wine lover who appreciates a noble sweet wine with a lively kick.


Product Description

Gewürztraminer Ice wine 171 is a true treat. Savor this rare gem slowly and only when chilled. Admire the clear gold color and experience traditional Gewürztraminer bouquet with hints of grapefruit, lychee, and rose petal. This is not your traditional Ice wine, its grapefruit taste it caters to the white wine lover who likes to finish the evening with something sweet and luscious with a special refreshing kick. Enjoy this dense and rich honey lychee nectar tinted with nice acid.

Food Pairing Ideas

Excellent alone or with stone-fruit deserts such as peach, plum or apricot cobblers. We guarantee you that you won’t find a Gewürztraminer Ice wine which has this fantastic taste sensation. It’s a true special find. Very limited. (Great for collectors, it will last at least another 30 years when stored properly.)


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