All Natural King Frosch Wines

King Frosch All Natural Clean-crafted wines from Germany
King Frosch founder Klaus Bellinghausen is featured in an article in the California Business Journal.

It starts when Klaus Bellinghausen recognizes a void for all natural, clean-crafted wines after movinig to California. He brings his favorite all natural, clean-crafted, German wines directly to wine lovers. In 2003, he opens King Frosch All Natural Wines. Learn more about all natural clean-crafted no-headache wines.

“All our wines follow a recipe of perfect balance between naturally occurring sweetness in the wine and acidity,” says Bellinghausen.

Today they are known as no-headache wines by thousands of faithful King Frosch fans.

Hand Selected and Crafted at Family Owned Vineyards

First of all, Klaus works with family-owned vineyards in the world’s premier wine-growing areas. Secondly, he develops standards for all natural, clean-crafted King Frosch Wines.

Finally, wineries which craft wines for King Frosch must meet Klaus’ stringent guidelines.  In order to oversee the selection process, he travels to Germany twice annually.

Usually, rich top soil at vineyards where King Frosch Wines are born is scarce. However, this forces the vines’ root systems to seek deep down to the nutrients in the soil, drawing from rich mineral reserves below the surface.

This is in stark contrast to wines made from grapes grown in shallow fields that have been over-irrigated, fertilized with synthetic chemicals and waterlogged.

Lowest Sulfites, Lowest Histamine Levels

In addition, all King Frosch German wines are crafted under Germany’s strict wine making laws. This means there are no artificial colors or additives (apart from the required sulfites, which are much lower than used in other countries). All the wineries use sustainable, environmentally friendly farming methods, including dry farming.

Known as the No-Headache Wines

In fact, King Frosch Wines customers call them the “no-headache” wines. We have over 3,000 customers who purchase direct from us online and we are respected for our quality and consistency.

Today King Frosch offers over 50 varietals. If you are looking for all natural wines, clean-crafted wines, you need to learn about King Frosch Wines.

Check out this article in the California Business Journal,  to read the full story on King Frosch All Natural Wines.