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What Is Icewine?

Icewine, or Eiswein, is a particularly special type of wine because it is produced under specific conditions. Though there are several variations to the origin story of icewine, they all claim that the first instance of this delicious dessert beverage was found in Germany. According to one story, an annual frost in the late 1700s struck early, before the winemaker could harvest his crop. Despite his fears of a lost year, he pressed the frozen grapes and fermented the juice. What resulted was a smaller, but sweeter yield.

Today, modern icewine making is slightly more scientific compared to how it was done during the 18th century. Grapes are left on the vines until the temperature reaches a range between -10 and -12 degrees Celsius. The grapes are then harvested and pressed (an operation that generally takes place overnight.) Because they are frozen, most of their yield is icey water, but a small portion, approximately 15%, is highly concentrated, sweet, juice. 

Typical flavors you can expect from icewines are rich, tropical fruits including lychee, papaya, and pineapple. We recommend serving your icewine chilled, either alone as a dessert, or drizzled over pound cake, ice cream, or fruit with whipped cream!

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King Frosch Rieslings

Discover the Riesling Grape

History of the Varietal

Popular wine varietals come and go, but one which is always at the top of the charts for white wine is the Riesling. The Riesling grape varietal has been around for several hundred years. It was first planted in the 15th century and now there are over 50,000 hectares planted of Riesling around the world. In fact, it is found on every continent where grapes are grown. Learn more about the Riesling grape varietal and why it is so popular.

A Most Hardy Varietal

Why is the Riesling so popular is all growing regions? As you know, the Riesling is most closely associated with Germany. The Riesling grape hails from Germany and is a major varietal within the country. Secondly, the vines have a high tolerance for the cold weather and are drought resistant. In addition, the berries of this varietal are very light and the grapes have proven a strong resistance to botrytis. This is a fungus or mold which grows on the vine. A Riesling’s hardiness means it can grow in many regions, in many countries.

From Dry to Sweet

Riesling can range from sweet to dry, and all versions are delicious. Many people immediately connect it with sweeter versions popular in the U.S., but in Germany it is crafted at all levels. When crafted as a dry style it contains very little or no sugar, and there are even diabetic versions available. The sweetness level is a personal preference but the Riesling tastes great, clean and refreshing no matter what the level of residual sugar.

Typical Riesling Flavors

The Riesling grape is described as juicy, floral, earthy, tangy, tart, fruity and you will often smell lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, apples and the list goes on for this versatile varietal. The amount of alcohol in the drink is dependent on ripeness and sweetness levels. However, even though the Riesling often times has a strong floral aroma and fruit flavors, the high acidity levels leave behind a nice crisp taste.

Balanced Acidity and Fruit Flavor

Since the Riesling has high acidity levels, it not only makes it enjoyable to drink, it can be aged for hundreds of years. This makes it one of the few white wines that is very good quality after being aged. Most white wines are meant to be drunk soon after they are bottled.

How to Enjoy a Riesling

When serving a Riesling, first give it some time to breathe. Riesling is usually best served at a temperature of 44-50 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for the characteristics and aromas of the wine to flourish in your mouth.

Riesling and Food Pairings

Rieslings pair well with almost every type of food. This includes spicy ethnic dishes and even sushi. There are no oaky tones or harsh flavors in Riesling. Chefs love to create meals paired with a Riesling because it is so versatile and complements many foods. In addition to being a star at the dinner table, a sweeter version can also serve as a final dessert. In short, the Riesling is perfect for any social situation. So there truly is a Riesling for everyone. The more you learn about the Riesling grape varietal, the more you will discover it is simply a matter of finding the one with the right sweetness level to fit your palate.

Love Wine, Hate Headaches?

All Natural Wines, Love Wine, Hate Headaches? King Frosch
Klaus Bellinghausen makes sure King Frosch All Natural Wines meet his strict guidelines for taste, drinkability and all natural components. Prost!

Love wines, hate headaches? If you love wines but are getting tired of over-oaked Chardonnays and big reds with too much alcohol and a harsh finish, you should try King Frosch All Natural Wines. The wines you drink should make you feel good, not give you a headache or be hard to swallow. Fresh, young, fun, yet old world at the same time, the King Frosch line of All Natural wines is converting wine, cocktail and beer drinkers into wine lovers.  These wines are not pretentious or snobby. They are just as likely to appeal to a “big red” wine drinker who never drinks white wine, as they are to white wine drinkers who are tired of oak, oak and more oak.  Most importantly, many of our customers say they don’t get headaches when they enjoy our wines.


King Frosch evolved from a partnership between BBG Wines and several small to medium sized family vineyards located  in Rheinland Pfalz and the Rheinhessen grape growing regions of Germany.  Today the King Frosch line features over 50 different wines, something for every palate.  From dry and fruity Rieslings to amazing rare reds and sparkling wines, we have it all.  Plus, our award-winning ice-wines shouldn’t be missed.


BBG Wines owner, Klaus Bellinghausen, developed the King Frosch brand in order help more people discover the great tastes of German wines.  “It’s still hard to explain to people that not all German wines are sweet! Or that we have red wines!”


The King Frosch label represents the German fairy tale about the Frog King that is transformed into a prince.  King Frosch wines are designed to transform your ideas about German wine.  Open a bottle and discover  a world of wines so clean and refreshing, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the leap.


King Frosch wines are produced according to strict German wine laws and feature the lowest histamine and sulfite levels in the world.  How low? Only 20 parts per million, in comparison to U.S. produced wines which can have 320 parts per million.  The majority of King Frosch wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks instead of oak barrels, preventing the addition of histamines from oak.


King Frosch wines deliver pure tastes, with the lowest levels for histamines and sulfites and no artificial flavors, coloring or sugars that do not naturally occur.  Our repeat customers call them “the no headache wines.” King Frosch wines are clean and refreshing.


“Red wines usually give me a headache after one or two glasses, but the King Frosch Dornfelder didn’t have that effect on me. I love it!”

“I thought I couldn’t enjoy a glass of wine again without feeling bad or tired, and then I tried a King Frosch Dry Riesling and it was perfect!” We will be sharing more online testimonials and videos from our very satisfied wine lovers. If you want to add your comments or share your King Frosch experiences, please leave a comment.


King Frosch wines, especially our Rieslings, match well with a wide variety of foods. With low alcohol levels, subtle fruit tastes balanced by acidity and tinged with minerality and terroir, our Rieslings are easy to pair with food. They are also very easy to like and thanks to King Frosch, easy to understand. Ask any wine expert which grape is considered the King of Grapes–it’s the Riesling! But don’t take the expert’s word for it, find out for yourself.


King Frosch Wines are not over priced or underpriced, now you can get exclusive imported wines at a great value. Why guess at what might taste good when you shop for wines at the supermarket? Have King Frosch Wines delivered to your home or office and you can be sure you will have wines you and your guests will love on hand. Avoid the hit and miss at the store–get wines you like for sure.

If you want to learn more about King Frosch All Natural Wines, visit our Facebook page or browse our website.

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